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Our New Canopy/camper for the “D max”

This is what I consider to be one of the best Slide on Canopies which is why it is my setup of choice.With a roof top tent that is quick to set up with everything in the canopy within easy access for a rapid set up and pack down. luxurious well ventilated bed area which remainsĀ fully made up at all times gets you off the ground and away from the creepy crawlers. The rear step and shorter ladder allow safer bed area access and somewhere to leave your boots off the ground.

Our D max Canopy-camper-2 Our D max Canopy-camper-3 Our D max Canopy-camper

Wild Flower camping_-3


Flat Top Trailer with Canopy/Camper.

This is one of our multi functional setups by havingĀ a Quality flat top off road trailer built to the same dimensions as your ute tray which can be used for any number of tasks and then have the canopy/camper which is normally mounted on your ute dropped onto it to effectively turn it into a camper trailer. This makes good use of the trailer when it’s not being used as a camper. This trailer also has an 80 litre water mounted under tray to carry much needed extra water without over loading the tow vehicle.Everyone should have one of these setups, they just make sense and are cheaper than most camper trailers which are single use only.


Custom Half Canopy

Custom Canopy

“Two more out the Door”

Today we farewelled two more Canopy units. One was on a Dual Cab Hilux which was really tidy and the second was another graphite black 70 series Landcruiser with a slide on Canopy and one of our custom built quality rooftop campers. It also came up a treat and I snapped a quick time-lapse of the setting up of the tent. Got to be one of the quickest and easiest to erect roof toppers around with a true full size bed and living area tent.

Hilux Canpy Body white (1 of 1)

Hilux Dual Cab Body

Land Cruiser with Roof top tent. (3 of 3)

Land Cruiser with Roof top tent. (4 of 3)

Land Cruiser with Roof top tent. (3 of 1)

Link to setup video below.



Shiny new blue custom built slide on.













Stay tuned for more photos of this camping canopy after we fit it to the new custom built tray by steelstuff on the back of the owners Ford Ranger next week. It promises to be pretty special and is a collaboration between our clients ideas and ours.

2013 Colorado Canopy.

Colorado ute

One of our Dual cab bodies on the latest 2013 Colorado.