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Dual cab Landcruiser Canopy/Body.





This is a nice simple two door Canopy/ Body chassis mounted.


Dual cab Landcruiser (1 of 2)

Dual cab Landcruiser (2 of 2)



“Two more out the Door”

Today we farewelled two more Canopy units. One was on a Dual Cab Hilux which was really tidy and the second was another graphite black 70 series Landcruiser with a slide on Canopy and one of our custom built quality rooftop campers. It also came up a treat and I snapped a quick time-lapse of the setting up of the tent. Got to be one of the quickest and easiest to erect roof toppers around with a true full size bed and living area tent.

Hilux Canpy Body white (1 of 1)

Hilux Dual Cab Body

Land Cruiser with Roof top tent. (3 of 3)

Land Cruiser with Roof top tent. (4 of 3)

Land Cruiser with Roof top tent. (3 of 1)

Link to setup video below.



Cruiser Tradies Service Canopy.

Service Canopy. (1 of 1)

Leon from Statelec electrical services took delivery of his new canopy today. He travels to the outback Aboriginal communities and spends weeks camped out doing his job. He needed a purpose built unit to carry all his gear and tools. He was wrapped with the finished product and is looking forward to putting it to good use.

New ute canopy delivered today.

This is one of our slide canopies which are custom built to suit any tray top ute , trailer etc.

click on image to view full size.