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Flat Top Trailer with Canopy/Camper.

This is one of our multi functional setups by havingĀ a Quality flat top off road trailer built to the same dimensions as your ute tray which can be used for any number of tasks and then have the canopy/camper which is normally mounted on your ute dropped onto it to effectively turn it into a camper trailer. This makes good use of the trailer when it’s not being used as a camper. This trailer also has an 80 litre water mounted under tray to carry much needed extra water without over loading the tow vehicle.Everyone should have one of these setups, they just make sense and are cheaper than most camper trailers which are single use only.



Custom Half Canopy

Custom Canopy

Custom built Mobile accommodation unit.

mobile accomdation unit (1 of 3)

mobile accomdation unit (3 of 3)

mobile accomdation unit (2 of 3)

mobile accomdation unit (1 of 1)












We have just completed this slide on Canopy for a client who had previously purchased a canvas canopy from us quite a few years back and wanted a more secure, weather proofed unit that had some extra creature comforts for more extended trips away. This is the result and has come together well with a cosy sleeping area inside with plenty of storage space in the slide out drawers etc underneath. All work for this was done in house by us.

Ford Ranger Camping Rig.

Ford Ranger ute with full canopy Body and internal camping fit out.

This Ford Ranger purpose built Camping unit has it all, Custom built kitchen, tunnel boot for the Oz tent, under body boxes, under body 80 litre water tank, Spare wheel and Jerry can holders, internal LED lighting etc etc. Should prove to be an extremely practical set up for the owners.

New ute canopy delivered today.

This is one of our slide canopies which are custom built to suit any tray top ute , trailer etc.

click on image to view full size.