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Dual cab Landcruiser Canopy/Body.





This is a nice simple two door Canopy/ Body chassis mounted.


Dual cab Landcruiser (1 of 2)

Dual cab Landcruiser (2 of 2)



New Canopy/Body for the latest Mazda BT50 Dual Cab.

Mazda BT50 (2 of 2)

Side Car revisited, The end product … or should I say still evolving.

I have had a lot of feedback regarding our new Sidecar so I thought it was about time I posted some more photos for those who might be interested and haven’t seen it in the flesh.  It has turned out better than expected and is used almost daly. It’s also been on quite few long rides already. The final pic is pretty much how it will stay with only minor changes down the track.

Peter Hodgson copyright

Sidecar 2


Sidecar 3 (3 of 1)

“Two more out the Door”

Today we farewelled two more Canopy units. One was on a Dual Cab Hilux which was really tidy and the second was another graphite black 70 series Landcruiser with a slide on Canopy and one of our custom built quality rooftop campers. It also came up a treat and I snapped a quick time-lapse of the setting up of the tent. Got to be one of the quickest and easiest to erect roof toppers around with a true full size bed and living area tent.

Hilux Canpy Body white (1 of 1)

Hilux Dual Cab Body

Land Cruiser with Roof top tent. (3 of 3)

Land Cruiser with Roof top tent. (4 of 3)

Land Cruiser with Roof top tent. (3 of 1)

Link to setup video below.

Tri axle 3.5 Tonne Trailer.

Tri axle 3.5 Tonne Trailer.

This multi purpose trailer has been made to carry all sorts of farm related items including sheep, chemical pallets etc and has totally removable hurdles, drop sides and head board to turn into a flat floor trailer. It’s tare weight is 1100kg so in has a load capacity of 2400kg.

Ranger Canopy.

Ranger Canopy.

It’s finished.  Here is the blue ranger all fitted up to the ute and with the roof top tent set up.

2013 Colorado Canopy.

Colorado ute

One of our Dual cab bodies on the latest 2013 Colorado.