P & M Hodgson steel fabrication is based in Northam, Western Australia. We are general steel fabricators with over 30 years of experience in many aspects of the steel manufacturing and construction.  Our business was established in 1986 and seen many changes in the techniques and processes used in the industry. We aim to keep up with latest ways of doing things and have been fortunate to have created some of our designed products with great success. We don’t aim to be the biggest but we do aim to be the best. Come and talk to us if are having trouble getting something a bit different as we are keen to try and please.

Contact us on 0896227676   or   01419901699  and ask for Pete.

Please check back with this blog from time to time as it will become a forum for some our latest projects and innovations.


4 responses to “About

  • John Forwood

    Hello Hodgy,
    Checked your caravan blog and am very interested once we sort out our next transaction.
    Can you send us the dimensions and rough price please.
    Can the storage fit an Oztent and a babycue?
    Have you tried the new slimline stick-on solar panels?

    • hodgy1

      G’day John,

      I will slip you an email with a few details but there is heaps of space for a Oz tent and it already has a marine bbq built in but if you want to pop a baby cue in thats no problem.

      Cheers Pete.

  • Jake

    Im interested in a aluminium canopy the same as shown on the red landcruiser.
    Just curious on a rough price?


  • Michael

    Have any updates on the sidecar build with the GSX14? The photo looks good.

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